Fort Collins Location

My educational path began with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Biology from the University of Colorado in 2001. I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Colorado at Denver & Health Sciences Center in 2006. I then completed my Master of Science in Nursing, Certified Nurse Midwifery at the University of Colorado at Denver & Health Sciences Center in 2009. I began practicing midwifery with Indian Health Services in South Dakota. I continued practicing Midwifery after moving back to Colorado in 2010 and joined the Women’s Clinic in 2012.

I love working with women but especially enjoy helping families navigate the birthing process. When I am not at work, I also enjoy hiking & horseback riding in Wyoming with my husband Dan & our two border collies, Ella & Jake.
I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Northern Colorado, in 1976. I then completed her Master of Science in Nursing, Certified Nurse Midwifery at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, in 2003.

I have worked at the Women's clinic of Northern Colorado since 2004. I worked for many years as a labor and delivery nurse, and also as a prenatal care coordinator, teaching women to care for themselves during pregnancy. Midwifery seemed like a natural culmination of these two roles. I love providing care for women in all stages of their lives. I am a good listener, and try to get a complete picture of what my patients are experiencing. I come along side as helpful guide as women face life's challenges and strive to be healthy, whether it is helping young women comfortable with their first exam, or older women navigate the road to menopause. Employing both medical knowledge and holistic concepts of care, I am able to provide wisdom and treatment for a multitude of health problems common to women of all ages.

Of course, I love being present as women and their partners welcome a new little person into their lives, helping support them as they give birth in the way they desire. Prenatal care, and labor and delivery are what I consider the "chocolate frosting" of my sweet job.

When not at work, I enjoy my family. My 3 grown sons, their wives and my 5 grandchildren can always make me smile. Good friendships and my faith keep my heart happy. I like to garden, kayak, hike, bike, and dance. I also speaks Spanish and enjoy conversing. I love being a midwife and consider my role a blessing.
As a child, I became obsessed with birth due to The Miracle of Life documentary. As in my Mom saying, "Honey, you need to stop making all of your friends watch that again!" I was in awe of what a woman's body could do and I needed everyone to know about it!

This fascination evolved over the years and led me to pursue a career in nurse midwifery. I earned my BSN at St. Louis University in 2004, then worked as a labor & delivery nurse for 3 years in St. Louis, MO. I continued labor & delivery nursing for 3 years in Portland, OR while I completed my MS at Oregon Health & Science University in 2009.

I joined the Women's Clinic in September 2010
where I enjoy supporting women and families as they navigate pregnancy, birth, & postpartum. I have a renewed (humbled) passion for the complexities of breastfeeding, pumping, and postpartum challenges since becoming a Mama in 2015. I was fortunate to have my midwife partners care for me throughout pregnancy, and Lani helped my husband Kyle catch our son Vaughn! I am continuously astounded by the wild power and sacred beauty of each birth. I love supporting our families as they are born and grow!

Beyond perinatal care, I am especially passionate about female sexual fulfillment & dysfunction, and hereditary cancer syndromes.

I enjoy baking, singing, and making people laugh. I love spending time with my family and seeing the world anew thru Vaughn's eyes
My journey to midwifery came about through a long and winding path. In 1998 I completed my training as a massage therapist and opened a private practice in Westport Connecticut. After a few years, I developed a strong desire to work more holistically with patients. I closed my practice and moved to New Mexico to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Botanical Medicine. It was during this time that I was introduced to midwifery and I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up!

I completed my BSN at PACE University in 2007. In my nursing career I have worked as a pediatric bone-marrow transplant nurse, a post-partum nurse, a newborn transition nurse and as a labor & delivery nurse. During that time, I completed my certificate as a Certified Lactation Counselor and made the push to start graduate school. In 2015, I graduated from the Frontier Nursing University with my MSN in Midwifery and was soon thereafter hired at The Women's Clinic of Northern Colorado where I am thrilled to finally practice as a Certified Nurse Midwife.

I believe in the transformative power of birth. I love teaching women about their bodies and I feel privileged to care for women and their families in the capacity that only a healthcare provider can.

When not catching babies, I can be found hiking, camping, rock-climbing, listening to country and bluegrass and plotting my next visit to a hot spring.

I began my educational path in psychology, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado in 2007, followed by an Associates of Applied Science in nursing from Front Range Community College in 2008. My journey to midwifery started in nursing school when I witnessed a birth for the first time. I was amazed at the strength and beauty of a woman in labor and knew I wanted to be a nurse midwife. I spent 8 years as a nurse working in women’s health, labor and delivery, and newborn care. In 2015, I graduated from Frontier Nursing University with a Master of Science in Nursing. After graduating with my midwifery degree, I practiced in the Denver area in both hospital and birth center settings before joining the Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado in 2017. I love to teach and have had the joy of precepting students and residents. I enjoy caring for women in all stages of their lives, from puberty to menopause. I feel especially honored to attend births and help families welcome new little ones into their lives. When I’m not catching babies, I enjoy spending time with my husband Justin and dancing with my competitive ballroom dance partner.

Loveland Location

I grew up in a small town in Illinois - one of four sisters born to a pharmacist dad and a mom who was a RN. My journey to becoming a midwife began after starting my professional life as a 4th grade teacher! I was very interested in nursing, moved to Colorado, discovered midwifery and pursued my nursing career at the University of Colorado graduating in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I worked as a nurse in the OB setting for many years and then received my midwifery education at Frontier University graduating in 2000. I then earned my Master of Science in Midwifery at Philadelphia University in 2001.

I am passionate about midwifery and women's health care! I have worked full-time and full-scope for the past 16 years. I have also taught in the nursing program at UNC. I truly love working with women through all the stages of life - from first periods and birth control to menopause and everything in between! I truly love being “with woman” and helping women to achieve the birth experience they desire and learning about their bodies and their health along the way.

I'm a mom to a beautiful daughter who was born into the hands of my midwife mentor 26 years ago! I love living in Colorado with all it has to offer, and I look forward to meeting you!
I discovered my passion for midwifery when in nursing school. I had the privilege of working with a midwife who taught me how to support birth and I fell in love. To be there from the beginning when they are a growing fetus and then to be present to help facilitate a kind and gentle, respectful birth-beginning their life-is a joy I will never tire of.

My core philosophy about healthcare is rooted in education, teamwork, and individualization. All people need to be educated about their health and included as a crucial member on their own health team. Care needs to be individualized to be maximally useful to each person.

Prenatal care provides a wonderful opportunity to bring this philosophy to fruition. Pregnancy is a unique time in any family's life; a time that women are more motivated and thoughtful than ever before about what is going on with their body and what it needs to thrive and grow. I love being on this journey with families, as they learn and discover. Both well-woman/annual exam and prenatal care are focused on wellness and prevention. These are my passions!

After completing my Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and Psychology in 2003, I continued my education at the University of Colorado to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2006. I practiced as an RN as the first step toward reaching my dream of becoming a nurse midwife. I earned my Master of Science in Midwifery in 2009 and Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2011 from the University of Colorado. I have been an active member of the community, having served as a board member of the American College of Nurse Midwives Colorado Affiliate and national representative on the Government Affairs Committee.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible, exploring what Colorado has to offer. My husband and I are proud to be native to the area. We enjoy hiking, biking, camping, fishing, music and good food.
I am originally from northeast Colorado, grew up in a rural farming town. We recently relocated back to the Front Range from Grand Junction, CO. I am a Colorado native!! My family includes my 4 children: Faith, Brody, Brock & Quinly Grace and my husband Dave. My extended family and faith are essential in my life. I love hiking, snowboarding, music & reading, but most of all, hanging out with my husband and kids any chance I can get

I have been a CNM now for a little over a year. I graduated from University of Colorado in 2015 and completed my first year as a midwife in Grand Junction, CO at Community Hospital. I was previously a labor and delivery RN for 13 years in rural northeastern Colorado, Denver and Fort Collins (Poudre Valley Hospital). I have a degree in Biology from the University of Denver and received my BSN from University of Northern Colorado prior to my career in Women’s Health.

My philosophy of care includes empowering women with education while providing support and encouragement for decisions made surrounding health, wellness, and fertility. I also believe that providing a fun, positive vibe in the healthcare environment helps to create a relaxing space where trusting, long-lasting relationships between a midwife and a client are possible.

I love taking care of women of all ages. I have always been passionate about providing education and support to women from different backgrounds, life experiences and points of view. I continue to be blown away by the power women demonstrate through childbirth, personal illness and also wellness. It is an honor to be a part of some of the most life-altering moments for women.