Education FAQs

How and when do I register for classes?
Online registration is available on our website at Payment is required at the time of registration for all classes.  There are some scholarships available. The Prenatal Yoga classes can be taken anytime throughout pregnancy and the birth and parenting preparation classes are usually taken during your second trimester.  Contact Kristin Glenn at 493-7442 ext. 7966 or by email at for all your class content questions.  We do not bill insurance for childbirth classes.    Space is limited, so please register for classes as early as possible.
Where do classes meet?
Most Fort Collins classes meet at our Fort Collins clinic on the 3rd floor classroom- USE Elevators as stairwell door will be locked.  Also look at the registration because some classes meet on the first floor of the clinic building.  The clinic is located at 1107 South Lemay Avenue.  Parking is available on the Southwest side of the building and can be accessed from Lemay onto Garfield Street (under the bridge). Our Loveland classes are held in the Women's Clinic clinic lobby space at 2500 Rocky Mountain Way. (adjacent to the MCR hospital)
What should I bring:
We understand that it is important for all expectant mothers to get the nutrition and hydration they need, so please feel free to bring snacks or drinks with you.  
What is the multi-class discount?
Our Education Package includes any 3 classes and is discounted by $15. To receive the discount, all 3 classes must be registered at the same time, within a single purchase.
What childbirth theories are covered in the prenatal classes?
The general prenatal classes integrate techniques from a variety of theories including Lamaze, Bradley, Simkin and Grantley Dick-Reed, Gate-Control theories.  The Hypnobabies classes and Birthing From Within classes are exclusively designed to follow those copyrighted programs.
Is Hypnobabies  a childbirth preparation class?
Yes it is an alternative, complete childbirth class for patients who want to learn self-hypnosis techniques.
Does insurance cover the cost of the preparation classes?
No it does not at this time.  In some situations financial assistance is available and some companies will reimburse for lifestyle education classes.  Please call Kristin Glenn at extension 7966 for information.
Can I just take a breastfeeding class?
Of course.  This class is included in many of the childbirth education classes.  The specific dates and times for the separate classes are listed in the breastfeeding section.  We also offer a weekly, free breastfeeding support group for all moms during postpartum.
Should I bring someone with me as a support person to classes?
Yes if possible! Most women find if very helpful to have a support person attend the classes with them.  However this is not a requirement.
What if I am having a planned Cesarean birth?
Many segments of the childbirth classes will remain very relevant such as the hospital tour, postpartum, baby care and breastfeeding.  Please call Kristin Glenn (see above) for specific information.
What is the class cancellation policy?
If class registrations are below 4 registrants classes may be cancelled.  This clinic decision will be made at least 4 days prior to class start date and attendees will be given options of other classes and/or a class refund.  Cancellation by attendees must be done within 48 hours of class. 
When will I get my refund?
If you would like a refund for your classes please contact Kristin Glenn at 493-7442 ext. 7966 and a request will be sent to the billing department.  If you have an outstanding balance with the Women's Clinic, your refund will be applied to that balance; If you do not, then you will be issued a check for your full or partial refund.  This usually takes around 14 business days.

The class that I want to take is full, is there a waitlist available?
If a class you are interested is full, please contact Kristin Glenn at (970) 493-7442 ext. 7966 to be placed on a waitlist for that class.

Do I need to register my spouse/partner separately to ensure that they get a spot it the class, or are they included in my registration?
You do not need to register them separately, they are included in your registration.